11 August 2018

7 Best Places to Stop Between Adelaide and Coober Pedy

The drive from Adelaide to Coober Pedy is a long dusty one. But there are plenty of places worth stopping in to break up the drive and learn a thing or two about the region's history. Here are five places I visited which are well worth staring on your map. 

1. Morialta Conservation Park (Adelaide Hills)

What's there?

Over five square kilometres of rugged bushland and walking trails. There are three small waterfalls and a rock cave all within a few kilometres of each other. We took it easy and strolled around the park for a few hours, but apparently the more daring do rock climbing here too.  

2. Handorf (Adelaide Hills)

What's there?

It was an old German settlement in the 19th century. Majority of the shops on the main strip sell German food, handy crafts and/or souvenirs. There are lots of quality restaurants and quaint cafes selling freshly baked scones with jam and cream. I loved popping my head into all the antique and nic-nac stores. 

3. Kayaka Homestead (In-between Quorn & Hawker)

What’s there?

The ruins of an old cattle station established in 1852. There’s some information about the site, as well as a floorplan of the original quarters so you can determine what you’re looking at. There’s also a small cemetery with a few headstones sticking out from a patch of red dirt. Kangaroos and wild goats frequent the area and you may be able to hear goats bleating from over the hill.  

4. Port Germein

What’s there?

The longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere can be found in Port Germein. It was originally built in 1881, then extended upon in 1883. It’s approximately 1500 metres in length, but about one third of it isn’t submerged in water so you can walk underneath. It’s a great spot to watch the sunset and take some photos with a loved one.  

5. Flinders’ Red Cliff Lookout (Port Augusta)

What’s there?

A view of the Spencer Gulf (where explorer Matthew Flinders made his voyage in 1802) and the Flinders Ranges in the far distance. You can walk along the top of red cliff face until you reach some train tracks. Apparently people kayak along the river below. The site borders the Arid Lands Botanic Garden which explains how the native flora survives the harsh desert conditions.

6. Lake Hart (Pimba)

What’s there?

Lake Hart covers an area of 160 square kilometres and has an estimated salt deposit of three million tons. Once you walk across the train track you’ll be surrounded by white/pink salt as far as the eye can see. Water pools in some areas but it’s mostly dry and firm. If you wander around long enough, you’ll find salt sculptures and etchings made by passers-by.  

7. Flinders Ranges

What’s there?

There’s a dozen bush walks you can do in Wilpena Pound, including a full day hike to St. Mary’s peak. We did the Sacred Canyon trail which was a leisurely 40-minute walk to a lookout point where you can view some of the ranges in the distance. We saw a family of goats along the

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