22 July 2018

The Most Unique Places to Stay for a City Getaway - Rural Victoria

We've travelled across rural Victoria in search of the most unique accomodation providers, and boy did we find some rippers! We're confident each of these city getaways would make you say "Wow!" for a variety of reasons. 

Mira Mira Fantasy Accommodation


Why we chose to stay at Mira Mira:

  • The themed retreats are so original they look like movie sets. We stayed in Tanglewood which reminded me of a miniature fairy castle I played with as a child.
  • The retreats are dotted around 20 acres of land so they are very private.
  • They have horses, bush trails and ponds; all of which are accessible to guests. We went for a wander into the bushland behind Tanglewood and spotted some surprises in the trees.
  • It’s in close proximity to two trestle bridges- Crossover (2 min drive down the road) and Noojee. 

Nhillbilly Farm 


Why we chose to stay at Nhillbilly Farm:

  • We wanted to experience “glamping” under the stars.
  • They only take one booking at a time (it doesn't matter if you're on your own or a big group wanting to occupy all the tents).
  • The property owners seemed like real characters - which they were. Sharon, Lofty and their two dogs were delightful company.
  •  The bathrooms are converted horse stables. There's even an ornate bathtub you can sit in and watch the sun rise and set.
  • It's in close proximately to the Silo Art Trail.

Woodman’s Estate


Why we chose to stay at Woodman’s Estate:

  • We were spending a day at the Peninsula Hot Springs and wanted to stay somewhere close by so we could flop straight into bed.
  • We heard they’d won an award for putting on one of the best breakfast spreads in Melbourne. We didn’t leave the table until we’d tried everything, enough said.
  •  Neither of us had stayed in a lake chalet before and the photos on the website looked idyllic.
  • The manor on the estate is steeped in history. We wanted to learn more about it, as well as admire the ornate furnishings.  

Steam Train Carriage


Why we chose to stay at Steam Train Carriage:

  •  It was an operating steam train up until 1983.
  • Heaps of the original fittings are still intact; it’s a train enthusiasts dream come true!
  •  It’s situated close to Otways National Park and the Great Ocean Road.
  • There are three (or maybe more) spectacular waterfalls a short drive away. We managed to visit Hopetoun and Triplet. 

Marwood Luxury Villas

Hall’s Gap

Why we chose to stay at Marwood Luxury Villas:

  • The carpark to walk to the Pinnacles is a 10-minute drive away.
  • Kangaroos and deer frequent the property. We were lucky enough to see both!
  • There’s a Jacuzzi next to the bed and a complimentary bottle of champers waiting to be popped.
  • The villas are secluded enough to enjoy a poo with a view (of bush land). 

Bear Gully Coastal Cottages

Walkerville South

Why we chose to stay at Bear Gully:

  •  It’s close proximately to Wilson’s Prom.
  • You can see the beach from the living room- there’s beach access from the property.
  • It has hammocks and a deck overlooking a small pond.
  • There are limestone kilns ruins on a nearby beach.

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