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Ship Life: 250 Young Leaders From 12 Countries Sail for 6 Weeks

We embarked on a journey not knowing what we’d find. Like explorers, our expectations were challenged at every turn and we each faced personal and common battles. 
The first two weeks in Japan seemed comfortable, despite the cell-like accomodation in Tokyo and a rural home stay with friendly strangers who don’t speak English.
The four weeks that followed were spent on board a ship called the Nippon Maru. It had 8 floors, however two of which were strictly off limits. I harshly learned “rules are NOT made to be broken” and that the admin army on board rule with an iron fist. 
That however was not the greatest lesson, nor even mattered when I fell incredibly ill three weeks into the program. Being so sick with flu, infection and cough during the leg from Singapore to India, then Sri Lanka back to Singapore, I realised I took my health for granted. When I was finally well (a trip to Singapore hospital and over 15 prescribed medicines later) I tried to make up for lost time by spreading myse…