16 October 2017

A Short Poem Inspired by a Bad Hangover

Let me pretend I'm better than you,
Even if just for a minute.
I've had a shit day, got nothing to say.
Just take my shit for a minute.

Let me pretend my dreams will come true,
Even if just for the morning.
I watched you sleep, didn't catch a peep,
And now another day's dawning.

Let me pretend things will get better,
During moments that I need you.
Then get out of my way, I'm sick of your face.
Surely you're sick of me too?

Let me think there's something to discover,
Even if it's simply not true.
Im bored and tired, our love has expired.
Distract me with something shiny or new.

I don't want to be here. Don't want to die either.
Just waiting for days to get better.
There's no use crying, we're all dying,
For days filled with nothing together.

Update since published: I'm getting lots of msgs saying this post is out of character, which I realise is true, but I'm just expressing how I felt for one day. I think life is a roller coaster of emotions and it should be okay to share negative views as well as positive. I find it a bit concerning some people have made me feel like I shouldn't have shared it- like I must only spread positive vibes. I urge everyone to thing about song lyrics and how emotional some of them are. Poems are also intended to represent strong feelings. I am fine, thanks for all those asking. I hope some people can enjoy (feel) the poem for what it is. 🙂

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