18 October 2017

Hiking to Castle Rock on Percy Isles, QLD

This post follows on from my previous post "Spontaneous Sailing Trip from Airlie to Brisbane"

We went on a hike to Castle Rock, one of the highest points on Percy Island, Queensland. Thankfully a dreadlocked bloke named Lindsey drove us as far up the mountain as the track would allow. There was nine of us, curled up holding our knees, sitting in the tray of his clapped out ute. The ninth adventurer was a great dane that couldn't contain his excitement or slobber. Although my knee was covered in drool by the time we arrived, I was thankful for the lift or else we would've been walking all day.

We hiked up a steady incline with native trees in all directions for about 40 minutes before reaching Castle Rock. To stand on the top, you had to climb up between two rock faces with a rope for support. I contemplated whether to do it because I thought I'd struggle getting down. I watched everyone else shoot to the top, which motivated to leave my fears behind with our belongings. When I stood on the rock and looked out at the ocean view, I kept wanting to study the colours of the rocks instead.The descent wasn't as difficult as I imagined. When I got down I wished I hadn't worried about it and just enjoyed the moment.

On the way back we detoured to check out a cave in the side of a mountain. As the others climbed up inside to reach the roof, I stood on the edge watching little stones tumble past my feet.

Before we headed back to the boat, we stopped in at some of the local's houses, if you can call them that. They were more like shelters -or shacks at best-built to protect against harsh weather. One man's was filled with Nic Naks, empty bottles and hunting gear. The other's seemed tidy, but we were more interested in his outdoor space. He had a pet kangaroo and some goats that hung out by his front door. In addition, an abundance of butterflies flitted around which seemed out of place. We patted the head of the kangaroo and took photos like tourists at Melbourne Zoo. Then we piled back into the ute and headed for shore, in hope of arriving before sundown. 

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