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Trying to Embrace "Flearning" AKA Learning Through Failure

Around October last year I applied to participate in a leadership program offered by my university. It involved an all-expenses paid trip to London to meet university alumni who are now leaders in their field.
I made it through the first round of judging, based on my submission of a quirky 30-second clip. The second stage involved a face-to-face meeting with three university representatives. I had them laughing and nodding in unison each time I spoke. I walked out of the interview and called Mum exclaiming, “nailed it!”

Weeks later, I got a call from a lady advising I was unsuccessful. I was attending a high-energy workshop at the time. I worried about re-entering the room in case someone noticed my shift in mood. Before I even got off the phone, I was wishing I’d let it go to voicemail. Like a moment out of Sliding Doors, I made a split decision to ask her why I wasn’t selected before she could say goodbye. My voice sounded so weak. I hoped to regain it while she answered, but knew I…