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Celebrating Book Week: 5 Ways to Encourage Young Readers

Most years I celebrate Book Week in Australia by dressing up in the most humorous book character outfit I can conjure up (usually hours before the school's costume parade). Never did I consider that one day others might dress as a character from a book I produced. While that may still be some time away (if ever), I can't believe this Book Week involves presenting my book, Noonie and the Missing Bone and facilitating workshops with eight grades of children, years 4-6. I hope my workshops give reluctant students (like my child-self) writing strategies the confidence they need to share their unique story and acknowledge their ability to create!

Here's an article I produced for ASG, suggesting 5 ways parents can encourage reading from a young age. 
Happy Book Week 2017!
Hold a book in your hand and imagine it’s a toy box; like a collection of toys, each page stimulates the imagination and incites the reader to play and create. When you turn the cover, you lift off the lid and inv…

Childhood Memories Thanks to Mum

Today marks my mum's 59th birthday. It's crazy to think she has been a mother for more than half her life; and to think most of those years were spent giving my brother and I the best life possible. What a legend. 

All week I've been contemplating how I can make her birthday special, the way she worked so hard to make each and every one of ours full of joy and wonder. 

I'm sure most of you can recall small acts of love and kindness undertaken by your parents which remain in your memory. Here are 10 things I recall Mum doing which still make me smile today.

1. Eggcellent Easter 

It's hard to say whether Christmas or Easter was more fun in our household. The day before Easter, we made nests for the Easter Bunny using Mum's lawn clippings. Come Easter morning, we'd wake up to find colourful hard-boiled eggs coated in decorative stickers. Even when we reached high school, Mum had us running around the house hunting for Easter eggs based on a series of riddles. One …