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Top 10 Things to See and Do in Japan

I was inspired to write this article after being asked for the 30-somethingth time what I'd recommend friends and family do while visiting Japan. Until now, I've been re-typing the same vague itinerary into Facebook messenger, each time a little less enthusiastically. Part of me wants to reply something snide like "well, if you had of liked my FB page Nan’s Lucky Duck when I invited you, you'd have seen countless article already posted about my favourite aspects of Japan. But my better part is more interested in educating people and helping them design their ultimate Japan holiday experience.
When I realised I hadn't penned a top 10 must do list encompassing the whole of Japan, I decided to make it a priority. So here it is. I bring you the top 10 things you must do while holidaying in Japan!
1. Feed Deer in Nara City
Nara was named the capital city of Japan in year 710. The city has held onto old traditions and has a quaint feel, despite its high traffic of tourists…

I Pursued Passion Over Worry and Look What Happened

I moved to Bondi Beach over the summer to do some writing work for a guy called Dave. He looked like your typical Bondi fitness fanatic—million-dollar smile, designer tank top and trainers, sun’s out, guns out—all that. He owned and operated a small private gym in country NSW before relocating to Sydney and putting his entrepreneurial skills to the test. He wanted to share what he learnt working in the fitness industry and encourage both young and old to pursue “passion over worry” while taking part in his 30 Day Challenge program; his energetic tagline involved punching the air and shouting “POW!”

Dave let me stay in his spare room while I worked on editing his healthy eating guidelines. In the beginning we shopped and ate together, so I got to know him quite well. Aside from everything he had going on on the outside, his mind was as active as his workouts and his heart matched his big personality. His wall-to-wall cupboards were suffocating from post-it notes, and on the days he wor…