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How to Teachers Learn to Effective Communicators? And More Importantly, Are They?

I recently completed a small-scale research project and have submitted my paper for review by Monash University. The study relates to how preservice teachers learn to become effective communicators during the four-year undergraduate program. I believe the findings highlight significant issues with Monash’s course and would provide valuable insight for other universities and those involved in teacher education. I have provided a short summary report below to inform you of the study’s purpose, methods and key findings. Underneath, the full document has been inserted so you can read the responses of participants and the recommendations I’ve made based on the significant findings. 
Purpose of study:
I wanted to find out how preservice teachers learn to be effective communicators. I chose to research this topic because of the proven impact communication has on building relationships with students to increase motivation and academic achievement. As a school student (over a decade ago) I felt …