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My Experience of Writing a Research Paper

Earlier this year I enrolled in a post-graduate course to learn how to conduct and write a research report adhering to academic standards. I was really keen to get started, thinking my background as an educator, journalist and creative writer would help me excel and produce valuable findings to enhance aspects of teacher education.

I used to see myself as the Little Red Engine That Could when it came to studying, but since I choofed into the unknown land of Academia, just the words little and red best describe how I feel. I'm tired, frustrated and more confused about what I set out to achieve than the day I started. This article might resonate with those who’ve completed research papers in the past, or better prepare those considering to extend their studies to complete a Masters or post-graduate certificate.

1. Your opinions and experience mean nothing. Until you are a somebody, you are a nobody, which means your account of events are considered unreliable or even worse, untrustwor…