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Effective Communication is Paramount in Teaching and Learning

Changing tact as teachers
The typical Australian classroom represents our globalised world, enriched with students of diverse backgrounds and cultures. This being the case, there will never be one single method of communication to suit all learners and situations. However, teachers can be educated to become ‘adaptive experts’ in communication, which will assist them in gaining students’ trust and help develop positive relationships. Teachers must continually strive to learn the complex makeup of each student - this includes recognising their beliefs, interests and motivations towards learning. Teachers can tailor daily lessons and interactions to make the learning experience more enjoyable and meaningful.
‘Casey dances to a different drummer’. This is how the deputy principal of my high school justified my unruly classroom behaviour to my parents and teachers. Most educational institutions function by enlisting drummers (teachers) who play rhythms (deliver content) according to their o…

We Should Be Promoting Great Ideas Over Identities

Think of an influential young woman who regularly features in the media. Irrespective of purpose or industry, it’s likely you know her face well. If a character like Miley Cyrus first came to mind, deeply consider the reason why.

Shameless self-promotion has not only become acceptable, but encouraged by social media platforms. It’s very unfortunate that modern day society spotlights bold and potent personalities, rather than bold and potent ideas that create positive change within our world. Instead of following and supporting the projects of young humanitarians, we are choosing to follow egotistic individuals who’ve transformed themselves into money-grubbing brands or ‘projects’.
I urge ‘followers’ to start being critical of the accounts they pay attention to. Ask yourself, what do I gain from idolising the selfies of ‘beautiful’ people? Most celebrity accounts wreak havoc on our ability to appreciate our own unique beauty.

Right now, you may think you’re not interested in learning ab…