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What I Learnt From Working in Japan for One Year

I decided to show myself to the airport door after a year-long party adventure in Japan. The nation's gracious hosts had far more up their sleeves than what a magician could conjure, and I couldn't have departed feeling more satisfied from the experience. 
What's a party without a take-home goodie bag? My heart and mind was left to pick & mix the best life lessons to mentally fuel my next endeavour. Here are eight things I came to learn during my time living and working in Japan.
Universal Human Need
When dining out in Japan as a special guest, the host waits until you order so that he/she can order the same. This is fundamentally because experiences are better shared. Even without verbal exchange, it's just comforting to be connected through feeling something. I felt loneliest when I had no one to share the mind-blowing sights, smells and sounds I had the pleasure of experiencing daily. This basic human need undoubtably propelled my decision to move back to Australia…