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Visit the Hidden Town of Tenkawa in Japan

Hidden in the crevasses of its mountainous surrounds, Tenkawa Village is one of the few holiday destinations Japanese tourists have managed to keep under wraps. During weekends and public holidays, nature-lovers come in droves to sip from the sparkling fresh Dorogawa Springs and watch the sun blanket the colourful roofs from one of the spectacular viewing platforms above. 

Despite being only a 2-hour drive south of Nara City, Tenkawa Village manages to remain off the must-see list of major English travel guides. Crowded pine mountains remain unspoilt and relatively uncharted; a huge draw card for those who want to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere whilst working up a sweat from steep inclines and untended terrain. If you chose to diverge from one of the trails leading to a marked destination, expect to run into many a spider and hanging obstruction—literally. However, if you are the adventurous type, charge through the cobwebs and don’t look back, for you’re likely to stumble upon small cle…

Make the Most of a 1-Day Passport Ticket at Tokyo Disneyland Japan

It’s best to come prepared, for Disneyland isn’t such a small world after all!
A day at Tokyo Disneyland has the potential to provide you with 12 hours of child-like bliss. However, even Mickey’s biggest fans can leave feeling frustrated, drained and penniless if relying solely on what’s in front of them to guide their choices. Although your eyes will be met with a feast upon arriving at JR’s Maihama station, the ability to satisfy you desire to visit every attraction on the map is almost impossible within one day. With nine lands and over 130 stalls and attractions, not even your zippy new sneakers will get you through each ticket gate. The Disney classic ‘It’s a Small World After All’ sadly doesn’t apply in this situation, which is why we bring you the top tips to ensure you make the most of your 1-day passport.
When and where to start.

With Disneyland attracting so many holiday makers all year round, it’s difficult to pick the best time to go in order to avoid crowds. However, unsurpr…