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Animal Welfare Standards in Tokyo Japan

Those who’ve been to Japan are likely to agree that the nation’s people are amongst the most outwardly caring people in the world. Even if they don’t speak English, they’ll go out of their way to help visiting foreigners; often putting a total stranger’s needs before their own and expecting nothing in return.

They reserve an even more intense display of kindness and adoration for babies and all things fluffy. It’s not uncommon to hear women screaming ‘kawaiiiiii’ in one of Tokyo’s many parks before spotting a designer dog stroller with mounds of fluff protruding from the carriage. With matching bows and booties, these dogs are pampered more than most children I’ve taught in Australia. With names like Hoshi (star) and Momo (peach), they regularly escort their mums and dads to cafes and boutique shopping strips. In restaurants they patiently sit on laps under heightened tables and regularly get passed around by patrons and staff like it’s visiting hour at the nursery ward.

Having observ…

Visit Japan’s Best Children’s Playgrounds

Australia’s playgrounds have gone soft. Rubber matting, plastic equipment, regulated heights and specified rules; all in fear of a few bumps and the occasional broken arm. By removing all potentially hazardous elements, we’ve also removed a child’s ability to let their creativity and imagination run wild. With everything bolted down and modernised, children are left with few opportunities to recreate imaginary settings and scenarios by utilising a space designed for play.
Funnily enough, despite Japan’s overly-cautious mentality relating to public safety, its parks are some of the best I’ve stumbled upon in the world. Although they tend to look ghetto and haunted, I think this just adds to their charm.
Majority of the playgrounds are built on natural ground or a concrete surface and utilise the surrounding nature. When I comment to Japanese friends that Australian playgrounds would never have concrete or many of the metal, retractable components featured, I’d receive the same response …