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Pros and Cons of an Infographic Resume

The term infographic simply refers to presenting information in a visual way. Over the past decade, and especially in recent years, it’s become trendy for people in the creative arts/design industry to highlight their career achievements using infographics. Multifunctional and attention-grabbing, an infographic resume serves as a working model, exhibiting its creator’s design skills and personality, whilst also providing recruiters with a snap shot of their education and work history.
From an educator’s perspective, infographic resumes or multimodal forms of self-representation should have already superseded the traditional written version. Educational theorists have conducted extensive research into proving that each person has a natural preference regarding how they take in information (aural, visual, physical, written). If a teacher only used one form of communication during her lesson, even if delivered in a highly skilful manner, she wouldn't be optimising the learning potenti…

Poem: Living in a Spider Loathing Nation

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Learning to Be Happiness

"During childhood, happiness is a dandelion– growing in abundance, yet seldom marvelled upon or intently investigated."


Teaching English as a Second Language Can Be so Tricky!


Learning to Snowboard at Hakuba Snow Fields in Nagano Japan

For years I’ve appreciated snow…from a distant warmer climate. In fact, some of my favourite movies feature snow-enveloped settings such as Home Alone 2 and In Her Shoes. But with snow comes painfully low temperatures and subsequent personal discomfort— factors unfavourable for someone low in body fat and a high desire for sun-kissed skin and hours of pool-side lazing.
For well over 10 years I’ve been claiming ‘I’ll try snow sports one day’— and on Wednesday— that day finally arrived. The logistics for such a short stay (3 days) were so straightforward that I was finally stumped when it came to producing an excuse not to go.
My super lax attitude towards any sort of preparation worked highly in my favour. For anyone considering a trip to Hakuba to enjoy the snow, I’d really recommend trying to restrain yourself from pre-booking everything online. Aside from accommodation, I had no pre-arranged gear, lessons, passes etc. I managed to effortlessly accumulate all of these within an hour …