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My Experience of Writing a Research Paper

Earlier this year I enrolled in a post-graduate course to learn how to conduct and write a research report adhering to academic standards. I was really keen to get started, thinking my background as an educator, journalist and creative writer would help me excel and produce valuable findings to enhance aspects of teacher education.

I used to see myself as the Little Red Engine That Could when it came to studying, but since I choofed into the unknown land of Academia, just the words little and red best describe how I feel. I'm tired, frustrated and more confused about what I set out to achieve than the day I started. This article might resonate with those who’ve completed research papers in the past, or better prepare those considering to extend their studies to complete a Masters or post-graduate certificate.

1. Your opinions and experience mean nothing. Until you are a somebody, you are a nobody, which means your account of events are considered unreliable or even worse, untrustwor…

Make Your Own Meaning of Life: A Simple Reminder

How youchoose to interpret these three words is entirely up to you! 
Study these two images. The text appears exactly the same in each, yet the images highlight opposite views. One would make you think the poster (on social media) is bitterly disappointed with life- that nothing in life brings happiness. Contrarily, the lighter image sends a more cryptic message to the viewer. The image shows a girl swimming freely in the depths of vibrant blue water. "Surely she is happy?” thinks the viewer, but they can’t figure out how the text pairs with the image. That’s because we fear nothingness. How could nothing equal happiness? 
If we look hard enough, we can see faults in everything and everyone. If we rely on nothing, NOTHING = HAPPINESS 
I try to identify the positive message in online content as often as possible. However, some days I default to what most of us have been conditioned to believe – that life should be hard. 
Keep yourself in check and try to read the positive messages mor…

Effective Communication is Paramount in Teaching and Learning

Changing tact as teachers
The typical Australian classroom represents our globalised world, enriched with students of diverse backgrounds and cultures. This being the case, there will never be one single method of communication to suit all learners and situations. However, teachers can be educated to become ‘adaptive experts’ in communication, which will assist them in gaining students’ trust and help develop positive relationships. Teachers must continually strive to learn the complex makeup of each student - this includes recognising their beliefs, interests and motivations towards learning. Teachers can tailor daily lessons and interactions to make the learning experience more enjoyable and meaningful.
‘Casey dances to a different drummer’. This is how the deputy principal of my high school justified my unruly classroom behaviour to my parents and teachers. Most educational institutions function by enlisting drummers (teachers) who play rhythms (deliver content) according to their o…