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Award Winning Video About The Challenges Teachers Face in the 21st Century

This short film was created in response to a series of questions posed by NEiTA (National Excellence in Teaching Awards). The questions relate to what I regard as the greatest challenges/problems faced by both emerging and experienced teachers (particularly in relation to the Australian education system).

I was nominated for this award/project amid wrapping up 18 glorious months teaching in a remote school in Australia. As I am now living in Tokyo, Japan I thought it would be appropriate to represent both cultures in the footage accompanying my narrated answers.

After sharing my video with friends and family on Facebook, a large number of viewers contacted me to say they had similar thoughts and feelings regarding their own school experience. Many were parents who have felt frustrated by the lack of quality teachers employed at their child's school.

I'm sure most of you can recall having a mediocre or down-right terrible teacher at one point during your schooling. Although we ten…