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Adapting to Living in Japan as a Western Woman

A few years ago there were a bunch of memes circulating social media sites titled ‘First World Problems’.
First World Problems are defined as ‘relatively trivial or minor problems or frustrations faced by people living in First World countries (implying a contrast with serious problems such as those that may be experienced in the developing world).’ In other words, they are memes created by those living in a privileged society, poking fun at themselves for voicing such petty complainants; most of which are common and relatable among other privileged groups around the world.  
Here are some examples:

Since moving to Japan I’ve observed many commonplace Japanese customs which are completely foreign to me, highlighting how Westernised my lifestyle and mindset has been up until this point. Each day I get to experience new fascinating and often amusing ways of completing daily tasks. Some of which are far more logical or innovatively genius and make me question why the hell we haven’t introd…