15 October 2015

The Curious Girl Moves to Japan

As most of you already know, I recently departed the big rock I've called home for over 18 months (Groote Eylandt, Australia). My decision to move on was done in haste; like ripping off a band-aid. Although tears were shed when it came to saying sayonara to the little people I've created such fond memories with, the sting was masked with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. As one door closed, I prepared to step through another, much smaller, cramped opening. That being the door of a shoe box apartment in Tokyo. 

Japan stole my heart and mind within four short weeks over the mid-semester school break. As I was flying back home, my gut told me I had to return sooner rather than later. I knew my decision to up and leave would devastate those closest to me; some too inexperienced in life to understand why I would do such a thing. I spent hours thinking about how I could break the news to the little people I cared for daily; not just in a physical sense, but whole-heartedly. 

I decided it would be best to break the news by reading them a story. I began trawling online book stores for a picture story book that would suit my situation. The key message I wanted to impart was to never let comfort hold you back from making a courageous decision. I came across numerous books for dealing with loss but all had a very solemn tone. I wanted my students to share my excitement and feel inspired by my choice to grab life by the horn of the golden sparkly unicorn. 

The story I wanted to tell didn't seem to exist in picture form so I decided to create it myself. Below is a collection of pages from the book I'd like to share with you. While they are in sequential order, they are only a sample of pages so the story remains untold. If you're interested in reading the entire book, please get in contact with me and I can send you the ibook. All illustrations are my own and show true representations of the landscape and my life on Groote Eylandt. Obviously I would love to publish the story, so if anyone has a solid book publishing contact I'd appreciate any recommendations. Enjoy!

Small printed copies I gave to each student with a personalised message

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