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CWA Groote Eylandt Pennant Design Entry

I drew this picture for a competition held by the Country Women's Association (CWA) on Groote Eylandt. They wanted an original artwork to represented the GE community and its geographical location. My design was chosen to be printed onto a pennant which will be taken to all CWA territory wide meetings.

I Love Groote Eylandt Song and Video Clip Produced by STAMP Music and Dan Gerich

My year 3/4 students wrote this song with Pete & Jodi from Stamp Music and myself. Dan Gerich then came and filmed the video clip; using a drone for the aerial views. The landscape shots really showcase the natural beauty of this large island.

It was a tonne of fun to film and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such inspiring people. Just one of countless feel-good moments as a teacher on Groote Eylandt. The catchy tune and lyrics of 'I Love Groote Eylandt' will remain fondly in my memory long after I've departed this unique 'inspiring' island. 

Touring Japan Over 2 Weeks


Journal Notes on Travelling Japan

During the four week school holiday break, I flew to Japan with my dear friend Ele. We’d only booked an Airbnb for the first three nights in Tokyo; our remaining 18 days were blank pages eagerly waiting to be filled.
I’m going to fast forward you past our initial ordeal with a series of dot points.
·Ele missed her connecting flight from Cairns to Tokyo due to poor flight scheduling with Tiger Airways (Rookie error). I board our Jetstar flight while Ele was still waiting for her bags in the domestic terminal.
·Ele spent a night in Cairns while I fumbled my way through Narita Airport and arrived at our Airbnb in Shibuya three and a half hours later (only meant to take around an hour and twenty).

·Ele flew to Tokyo complaining of a sore leg upon arrival. Gained little to no sympathy.

·Three days passed, Ele went to hospital and ended up having surgery to remove a paralysis tick; obtained in the lush grasses of Tropical North Queensland.

·Ele was bed bound in our Ryokan for two days before…