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Activities on Groote Eylandt

Bet you read the heading and thought I was leaving the island...

No...Not I...just all the other teaching staff. It's crazy to think that I am now one of the longest serving teachers at my school. Only three others (from preschool to Year 12) are staying on in 2015. 

I took the above photo on the last day of school for 2014. The painted banner was an unusual amount of effort made for the departure of yet another island resident;saying goodbye apparently becomes tiresome after a while. Shipping containers regularly pop up all over town and garage sales occur every weekend without fail. The fact of the matter is, no one or thing (except the Anindilyakwan people) is permanent on the island. Most people live in undecorated houses with neglected gardens for this fact; there are lots of houses, but none to call home. Each new year they debate whether it's time for their kids to experience 'the real world', or check to make sure that the absurdity of paying $7.00 for a loaf of …