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We Raised $10,000 for Relay For Life by Opening a School-based Cafe

"Thank god it's over!" was the only thought I managed to conjure up at 10am last Sunday morning. No. I was not on my way home from the pub or a regretful sleep over. I had just completed Relay For Life (RFL). For those of you who’ve never been roped into a RFL event, put simply, in the weeks leading up to the event you raise money with a team of 10 people. On the day of the event, you complete a 17 hour walking/running relay around a public oval. Awards are handed out for the best team costume, most money raised and the highest lap tally. The money raised goes to the Cancer Council.
My team, the 'Blister Sisters' was made up of teachers who work at the school. When our team captain suggested we take advantage of the school’s new commercial kitchen to open our own cafĂ©, excitement tripped out sense and we all committed to 4 weeks of trading; amounting to 5 hours of our time each Sunday. This didn’t include food preparation or shopping and restocking consumables. T…

Teach Students to How to Resolve Conflicts on Their Own Using This Choices Map

Remember the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"?
For most children growing up in the 80s and 90s, this simple piece of advice was offered (and occasionally shouted) by depleted parents in an attempt to minimise relentless sibling bickering. 
Fast-forward to 2015 and ask a primary school student the same question. I did, and less than a handful of students had a vague memory of hearing "something like that". 
Despite being more 'socially connected' than ever before, young people seem less equipped to navigate themselves out of difficult social situations. Perhaps the influx of outspoken celebrities brashly insulting each other via Twitter is causing the impressionable to think this sort of behaviour is normal; entertaining even. 
I can recall many a conversation with Mum about tolerating others when I was a bitchy, unsympathetic teen. "You don't have to be their best friend!" Mum would plead, &quo…