6 May 2015

Allan Clarke Speaks Frankly About Inequality in Australia

I came across an article by Allan Clarke on Buzz Feed today. It calls for greater tolerance and acceptance of all races; particularly towards our Indigenous Australians (see below).

Clarke reels off some shocking statistics such as it being "more likely [for an Indigenous person] to be sitting behind bars than sitting in a lecture hall" and that although "Indigenous people only account for 2% of the population, they make up almost 30% of the Australian prison population." While I'm sure most people would agree that these statistics are terribly sad, I also think that most wouldn't be overly surprised or feel personally motivated to do something about it.

I highly recommend watching the clip so that you can get involved in changing the statistics. By simply taking control of your own thoughts and actions in public, you are creating positive change by allowing others to live free of discriminatory judgement.

That's why Reconciliation Australia (RA) have put forth a new nationwide initiative focusing on individuals changing their perceptions of Indigenous Australians. RA calls for everyone to be more mindful of their actions and reactions towards others based on their heritage. Although it's natural to build up perceptions based on what the media feeds us as well as our own past experiences, some times these perceptions can led to subtle racist gestures that we don't even mean to outwardly project. The below youtube clip released by Beyondblue shows some all-too-common examples of subtle racism. What may be just a fleeting moment within your day, may be one of many reoccurring instances amounting against someone's self esteem and worth based on others' perceptions they have absolutely no control of.

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