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Groote Eylandt Welcomes Songwriters Jodi Martin & Pete Arthur from Stamp Music

I clapped my hands together like an excited kid when I spotted 'Stamp Music' scrawled onto week 6 of our giant whiteboard calendar in the staff room. Although their annual visit is centered around inspiring students to compose and record their own collaborative song, last year I took great pleasure in being part of the experience.

Stamp Music was created by muso, composer/sound engineer Pete Arthur. With a side-kick who's equally as talented and vivacious, the duo travel to various parts of Oz (largely remote), working with children of all ages to help them produce their own original song. 

Pete seems to have a knack for finding uber cool assistants; this time bringing a stunning beach babe called Jodi Martin.

Watch the below video clips to witness the whimsically talented Pete and Jodi.

Back at school, I'm in awe of what the duo can achieve within a two hour session. To get the students pumped up and eager to have a go, Pete and Jodi spend little time introducing themselv…

Allan Clarke Speaks Frankly About Inequality in Australia

I came across an article by Allan Clarke on Buzz Feed today. It calls for greater tolerance and acceptance of all races; particularly towards our Indigenous Australians (see below).

Clarke reels off some shocking statistics such as it being "more likely [for an Indigenous person] to be sitting behind bars than sitting in a lecture hall" and that although "Indigenous people only account for 2% of the population, they make up almost 30% of the Australian prison population." While I'm sure most people would agree that these statistics are terribly sad, I also think that most wouldn't be overly surprised or feel personally motivated to do something about it.

I highly recommend watching the clip so that you can get involved in changing the statistics. By simply taking control of your own thoughts and actions in public, you are creating positive change by allowing others to live free of discriminatory judgement.…