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Life Teaching on a Remote Island

The past few weeks have gone fast, yet I'm unable to pin point any events or news worth sharing. Don't mistake my lack of news as a sign that I am getting bored of the place, but I'm looking forward to some sort of shake up. 
Routine has set in at school, despite my rapidly growing class size. 
The school holidays in the Northern Territory are structured differently to most Australian states and territories. Instead of having two weeks off in between each term, we have one week in between terms 1 & 3 and four weeks off during June/July. 
Whilst the Department of Education are currently reviewing this structure, I am completely in favour of it. I've just come back from the week long break feeling re-energized and rested; yet not to the point of breaking routine. I think that beyond one week, you start to really unwind and just when you've managed to iron out the kinks and lay flat for a while, you’re expected to snap straight back into action. Whereas, one week ove…