18 April 2015

Life Teaching on a Remote Island

The past few weeks have gone fast, yet I'm unable to pin point any events or news worth sharing. Don't mistake my lack of news as a sign that I am getting bored of the place, but I'm looking forward to some sort of shake up. 

Routine has set in at school, despite my rapidly growing class size. 

The school holidays in the Northern Territory are structured differently to most Australian states and territories. Instead of having two weeks off in between each term, we have one week in between terms 1 & 3 and four weeks off during June/July. 

Whilst the Department of Education are currently reviewing this structure, I am completely in favour of it. I've just come back from the week long break feeling re-energized and rested; yet not to the point of breaking routine. I think that beyond one week, you start to really unwind and just when you've managed to iron out the kinks and lay flat for a while, you’re expected to snap straight back into action. Whereas, one week over the Easter period entitles you time to gorge yourself on chocolate and sloth around the house, but only for a short time. Like a ‘fun size’ break. Not straying too far or overindulging to the point of no return. Instead, Territorians leave that until the June holidays; that way we can binge on all life (off-island) has to offer for three weeks straight. The fourth week is (or should be) spent back on home soil and requires a mandatory life detox: no social luncheons, nights out or nightly dessert runs. Sadly, all good things must come to an end but at least we don’t have the post-holiday blues after every break like our friends across the border. Needless to say, when I return home from Japan in July, I’m sure I’ll be sobbing over the lively melody of K-Pop while melodramatically applying Harajuku Girl style makeup.

Like my title implies, I have little to share with you at this point in time. So, whoever said “no news is good news” mustn't have a blog or demanding friends who threaten to drop readership unless they are supplied with regular updates. This may actually be the perfect segue to let you know I've now had over 5,000 views of my blog. Whenever I look at my blog stats I’m ecstatic to see that my posts are being read by people from all over the world and that I’m even receiving feedback from the general public (Mum, if it’s actually you sending me mail like you did Valentine’s Day 1998, you cheeky devil, you’re awesome, keep making me feel loved). If you are a genuine follower of my blog, I hope you’re enjoying my posts and I’d love to hear from you (my contact form is located at the bottom of my page).

Here are some photos taken in recent weeks for those of you who favour visual content. Enjoy!

Taken after a memorable softball match with the residents of Umbakumba
These photos were taken from someone else's Facebook page. Credit to unknown source
I couldn't resist participating in the Easter hat parade
Although we've had some big down pours, the sun's never far away in Alyangula
Image taken by Groote Eylandt part-time resident
The best way to avoid crocs...on my wishlist
Image sourced from Pinterest

A funny meme to serve as an important reminder...if you have to add "I'm not racist but" before making a negative comment that refers to an entire cultural group or race...you are probably being racist. If you must share your negative view of someone or even a number of people, identify them by name, not by colour, group or anything else that would indicate that everyone is the same.
Image sourced from Pinterest

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