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Sympathising With Non-English Speakers Living in Australia

The above clip 'Skwerl' is a short film spoken in fake English. Although the script is spoken in complete gibberish, an English speaker feels connected to the conversation due to the familiarity of sounds and basic English words spoken throughout. It highlights the difficulty and frustration that a non/limited English speaker may experience when they are among English speaking groups. 

In watching the the clip, the viewer gets a good sense of what's happening based on body language and tone of voice. However, if the viewer was asked to retell the conversation, they wouldn't know where to start.

As I was watching the clip, I thought of the ESL learners in my classroom (English as a Second Language). Many of my students can only communicate verbally using a very limited vocabulary. As you can imagine, it must be exhausting for them to stay tuned in for five hours a day when they can only identify one or two words within every sentence. 

Although English is a second language…