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Teaching in The Arnhem Land Region in Northern Territory

Five weeks into Term 1 and I'm just starting to catch my breath. 
I spent the Christmas holidays back in Melbourne with my family and friends. I managed to flit away five weeks worth of wining and dining while having far too many options to choose from; referring to everything from grocery items, restaurants and entertainment venues to men (Tinder just isn't the same on a remote island!) 
I'm already craving baked cheesecake from Moi (Bay St, Brighton) and scoffing down sushi whilst on the run. I keep telling myself neither luxury are suitable for the island anyway. Cheesecake in 35 degree heat- no thanks. And let's be honest, there's no need for 'on the run' take-away when there's nowhere to 'run to' during the wet season. 
As soon as I arrived home, I was reminded of the island's downfalls. Many friends and familiar faces had left the island for good, leaving me with departing gifts such as half-consumed grocery items and kitchen-cluttering c…