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Award Winning Video About The Challenges Teachers Face in the 21st Century

This short film was created in response to a series of questions posed by NEiTA (National Excellence in Teaching Awards). The questions relate to what I regard as the greatest challenges/problems faced by both emerging and experienced teachers (particularly in relation to the Australian education system).

I was nominated for this award/project amid wrapping up 18 glorious months teaching in a remote school in Australia. As I am now living in Tokyo, Japan I thought it would be appropriate to represent both cultures in the footage accompanying my narrated answers.

After sharing my video with friends and family on Facebook, a large number of viewers contacted me to say they had similar thoughts and feelings regarding their own school experience. Many were parents who have felt frustrated by the lack of quality teachers employed at their child's school.

I'm sure most of you can recall having a mediocre or down-right terrible teacher at one point during your schooling. Although we ten…

Adapting to Living in Japan as a Western Woman

A few years ago there were a bunch of memes circulating social media sites titled ‘First World Problems’.
First World Problems are defined as ‘relatively trivial or minor problems or frustrations faced by people living in First World countries (implying a contrast with serious problems such as those that may be experienced in the developing world).’ In other words, they are memes created by those living in a privileged society, poking fun at themselves for voicing such petty complainants; most of which are common and relatable among other privileged groups around the world.  
Here are some examples:

Since moving to Japan I’ve observed many commonplace Japanese customs which are completely foreign to me, highlighting how Westernised my lifestyle and mindset has been up until this point. Each day I get to experience new fascinating and often amusing ways of completing daily tasks. Some of which are far more logical or innovatively genius and make me question why the hell we haven’t introd…

The Curious Girl Moves to Japan

As most of you already know, I recently departed the big rock I've called home for over 18 months (Groote Eylandt, Australia). My decision to move on was done in haste; like ripping off a band-aid. Although tears were shed when it came to saying sayonara to the little people I've created such fond memories with, the sting was masked with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. As one door closed, I prepared to step through another, much smaller, cramped opening. That being the door of a shoe box apartment in Tokyo. 

Japan stole my heart and mind within four short weeks over the mid-semester school break. As I was flying back home, my gut told me I had to return sooner rather than later. I knew my decision to up and leave would devastate those closest to me; some too inexperienced in life to understand why I would do such a thing. I spent hours thinking about how I could break the news to the little people I cared for daily; not just in a physical sense, but whole-heartedly. 

I …

The Experiences That Inspired My Move to Japan

Sumo Wrestling tournament in slow mo
Traditional formalities before every fight
View out the front window of the Shinkansen Bullet Train
Playful monkeys in Yudanaka Monkey Park

Monkeys swimming in the onsen (hot springs)

Ramen noodle restaurant

Tea Ceremony in Kyoto

Standard karaoke- Japanese people take bery serious!!

Interview with Wildlife Scientist Skye on The Northern Quoll Research Conducted on Groote Eylandt

I met ranger Skye on Groote Eylandt in April 2014. She is now a dear friend of mine, despite our interests and skill-set being worlds apart. She is the epitome of a fearless woman; coolly handling animals which most of us would balk at upon a glance. She thinks sitting between the shrubs in bushland late at night is peaceful and boasts about getting to spend a great deal of her working week springing from rock to rock in search of furry friends. 

I find Skye's passion for wildlife conservation and dedication towards scientific research inspiring and fascinating. When I manage to pin her down in between her laborious trapping schedule, I find myself asking her 21 questions in a childlike manner. She is so knowledgeable about a variety of animal species and patiently answers all my questions in layman's terms. For this reason, I thought I'd formally ask her some questions that I could share with you.

Skye was kind (and silly) enough to invite me out to check the traps one morn…

CWA Groote Eylandt Pennant Design Entry

I drew this picture for a competition held by the Country Women's Association (CWA) on Groote Eylandt. They wanted an original artwork to represented the GE community and its geographical location. My design was chosen to be printed onto a pennant which will be taken to all CWA territory wide meetings.

I Love Groote Eylandt Song and Video Clip Produced by STAMP Music and Dan Gerich

My year 3/4 students wrote this song with Pete & Jodi from Stamp Music and myself. Dan Gerich then came and filmed the video clip; using a drone for the aerial views. The landscape shots really showcase the natural beauty of this large island.

It was a tonne of fun to film and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with such inspiring people. Just one of countless feel-good moments as a teacher on Groote Eylandt. The catchy tune and lyrics of 'I Love Groote Eylandt' will remain fondly in my memory long after I've departed this unique 'inspiring' island. 

Touring Japan Over 2 Weeks