2 December 2014

Fishing and Camping Around The Gulf of Carpentaria

Once again I've neglected my blog during report writing time. 

Much has happened over the past few months- too much to write about whilst I sit here at my school desk with the cleaners whizzing around me. I suspect that they too wish I'd just go home (they're sick of having to ask me to lift my feet as they vacuum up the sparkles and paper clippings under my desk on a daily basis!)

So instead I'll just share a few photos with you and remind you all that I'll be home for five weeks (in Melbourne) from the 15th of December.

The biggest fish I've caught so far- golden snapper

Me dressed as a rapper for our school Christmas concert- Yes, it really is me!!
I even received a wary look from the cops as I walked past the station on my way to school
Performing 'Call Me Maybe' in the staff dance
A pod of young dolphins swimming along side our boat
Glamping (Glamour camping) with some friends. They even brought their knife block & mattress!
Campers getting creative with the sea junk

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