26 September 2014

Katy Perry Parody Created by Students at Alyangula Area School

No more than two weeks ago an email was forwarded onto the school community advising that Katy Perry was holding a competition to promote her upcoming world tour. She called for schools around Aus to provide her with a video which showcased their unique school. The most creative entry would win the honor of a visit from Katy, along with $10,000 to improve the school's Arts department. As usual, I was too excited and ambitious for my own sanity and rose to the challenge. We decided to write a take-off of Katy Perry's song 'This Is How We Do', as we could draw some stark comparisons between the lifestyle she boasts in her lyrics to our own here on Groote. Katy sings of sipping rosé, donning lipstick and wearing hoop earrings whilst driving around in her Maserati. We've dared her to trade that all in for nutritious coconut milk, salty locks, no shoes and a bench seat in the back of the Troopy; the only way to get around on Groote.

Before watching our version 'This Is How We Do- Groote Eylandt Style', I recommend watching Katy Perry's playful video clip. 

Fingers crossed Katy's reps decide that Groote would be the ideal setting to further reiterate to her fans that she is 'down-to-earth' and gutsier than some other female artists in 'the biz'. 
Winners will be notified on October 9th. Keep posted and start thinking about how you can get the week off work in November if we happen to win!!

Our video:

Katy's video:

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