15 July 2014

First Thoughts Upon Arriving in Darwin

I'm in Darwin this week attending an orientation program for new teachers working in the Northern Territory. The only part worth mentioning is my compulsory participation in a 4WD defensive driving course in Palmerston (45 mins from Darwin). This is going down at 7:15am tomorrow- stay posted for potential video footage if I make it out alive or my feeble arms don’t snap whilst trying to change a tyre.

Quite generously the department flew me over here two days early, so I've spent my time wandering the streets of Darwin City and touring the surrounding areas. I don’t have much to say about Darwin to be completely honest. It’s a lot like Cairns. The streets are set out in a block formation, with most of the action being contained to two long strips a few streets back from the water. The pubs, cafes and supermarket (practically everywhere really) is plagued by 20-something year old sun-kissed backpackers (yes I’m aware that two or so years ago I would’ve been in my element). Whilst the restaurants are buzzing on weekdays and look pretty trendy, none have particularly taken my fancy which has led me to cook dinners in my very under-equip kitchenette. Majority of the restaurants serve Asian or Indian cuisine and scattered amongst them is the typical Aussie pub or fast food outlet.

If I discover any redeemable aspects in or around Darwin City, I’ll be sure to let you know. But as it stands, I rate Darwin as a holiday destination 2 out of 5 stars at best.

I’d be interested to hear others’ thoughts and experiences of Darwin, so please feel free to comment or add your own star rating by commenting below.

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