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The First Time We Got the Troopy Bogged on Groote Eylandt

Apologies for the recent lack of blog posts. It is currently school report writing season; a time when trying to maintain a healthy work/life balance is in no way possible and even sitting down to watch the news for 10 minutes is regarded as a waste of precious time.

Having said this, I have had the opportunity to escape to a place called Picnic Beach on two occasions. The first time, Adrian and I went on our own with absolutely no knowledge of the area or just what we were in for. The second time, we went with a mature-aged couple who Adrian vaguely knew from back home in Bega, NSW (we justhappened to be swimming in the same river as them a week earlier) and a car load of Indigenous people who work with them in Umbakumba; one of which is a traditional land owner. In this post I will share with you a recount written by Adrian the day after our first adventure. In a post that will shortly follow, I will tell you about our vastly different experience at Picnic Beach the second time aroun…